dji-mavic-3-care-refresh-code-1-year dji-mavic-3-care-refresh-code-1-year
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dji-air-3-care-refresh-code-2-years dji-air-3-care-refresh-code-2-years
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dji-rs-3-pro-care-refresh-code-2y dji-rs-3-pro-care-refresh-code-2y
dji-mini-3-pro-care-refresh-code-2-years dji-mini-3-pro-care-refresh-code-2-years
dji-avata-care-refresh-code-2-years dji-avata-care-refresh-code-2-years
dji-mini-3-care-refresh-code-2y dji-mini-3-care-refresh-code-2y

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DJI Care Refresh

For any DJI drone you may own, DJI Care Refresh is the finest warranty option. A DJI product, it is a thorough and reliable protection package.

It provides you with coverage for a range of accidental damage and natural wear. On average, 1 in 3 customers who purchase a DJI Mini 3 Pro, for example, from us purchase DJI Care Refresh. It gives you ease of mind and makes sense when you are flying a drone in the air which is an expensive investment. For 10% of the price of the drone, you are protecting it! It's a no-brainer!

What Does DJI Care Refresh Protect You From?

A wide range of accidental accidents and normal wear are covered by DJI Care Refresh, a comprehensive insurance plan from DJI.

Collision Damage, Water Damage, Flyaway & Natural Wear

For DJI Camera Drones on a 1 Year Care Refresh plan, you get 2 replacements, 1 maintenance service, and a 15% discount on selected DJI products. For DJI Camera Drones on a 2-Year Care Refresh plan, you get 3 replacements over 2 years, 2 maintenance services, and a 15% discount on selected DJI products. 

Replacement For Peace of Mind

If an accident occurs and you need a replacement, you can get your broken product replaced for a modest fee.

What is DJI Care Express?

DJI Care Refresh makes a replacement quick and simple. After DJI receives your damaged product and you've paid the replacement money for it, they immediately send out a replacement.

Rewards for Safe Use

Using your DJI gadget securely has a perk! If throughout your replacement time, you have not utilised any of DJI's replacement Care Refresh services,

DJI will reward you with another year extended onto your warranty! So if you purchased 2 years of DJI Care Refresh it may end up serving you for 3 years.

Terms of Service

To find out about DJI's Care Refresh Terms of Service please click HERE

Extend One More Year of Service

You can extend your DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan to enjoy one more year of service. Click HERE to find out more.

Care Refresh Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQs about DJI Care Refresh please click HERE.

Purchasing Care Refresh Through Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store is an Official DJI Retailer based in the U.K. We are able to sell DJI Care Refresh codes.

If you decide to purchase from us you are supporting an independent 

Delivery Times

When purchasing a Care Refresh code from us, we email the digital code to you instantly. As soon as the order goes through on our end, it will be with you in your mailbox.

Activation Period

When you are looking to get DJI Care Refresh for your brand new DJI Drone, please be aware that you only have 48 hours to activate this Warranty Plan otherwise it will not be able to be binded. If for any reason you may not have been able to activate it within 48 hours, please contact DJI direct and they may be able to bind it for you.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding DJI Care Refresh don't hesitate to contact us on 01243 859444, we are always here to help!