Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition

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  • 6K Widescreen Mode
  • 48MP Photos
  • 5.7K 360 Lens
  • 5.3K 1-Inch Lens
  • Razor Sharp Action

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Insta360 Rs 4K Edition - Drone Safe Store

4K Boost Lens

With the help of the 4K Boost Lens, focus on the action. Featuring a new 1/2" 48MP image sensor for more detailed 4K 60fps films and 48MP images, this camera is tough and sturdy.

5.7K 360 Lens

Shoot first, then point. Take pictures of the action from all sides, then use 360-degree reframing to decide what to emphasise. For impossible third-person view photos, pair it with the Invisible Selfie Stick.

5.3K 1-Inch Lens

The 1-Inch Wide Angle Lens contains the largest image sensor of any action camera and was co-engineered with Leica. Even in low light, capture 5.3K wide-angle video with fine details and lifelike colours.

The all-in-one action ca

Transparent Selfie Stick. Avoid ruining the view with an unattractive selfie stick! For unbelievable drone-like footage, the Invisible Selfie Stick completely vanishes from your images when you use the 360 Lens. Magic!

3rd-person perspective Doing something amazing, but no one is nearby to assist you in taking the shot? With the Invisible Selfie Stick, you can capture bizarre third-person perspectives. People will undoubtedly inquire "how did you film that?!"

Stabilisation of the flow state. Regardless of the lens you use, image stabilisation is buttery smooth. With the wide-angle lenses, the powerful RS Core now offers FlowState stabilisation in-camera. Without editing.

Vertical Lock. No matter how far you tilt your camera, you'll always get perfectly level shots. 360° horizon levelling is supported by all three lenses.

HDR in action. a cutting-edge new HDR video option for competitive sports. The 4K Boost Lens's Active HDR preserves details in the highlights and shadows for more vivid footage while stabilising your video as you move.

Waterproof to 16ft

Without fear, submerge your action camera up to 16 feet (5 metres) under water.

Rugged Design

Even at the height of the action, a dependable connection between the mods is made possible by high performance connectors and a distinctive structural design.

Faster, easier, better.

Quicker WiFi. Thanks to brand-new hardware in the Core, you can transfer and edit your files more quickly via the Insta360 app.

A clearer audio. An additional microphone and a wind noise reduction algorithm have been added to the RS Core to assist you capture the audio you want and cancel out the noise you don't.

Rapid zoom. No need to set up your shot in preparation when you can digitally zoom in on a subject by up to 2.7x while you're recording.

Rapid Menu. With only a tap, you may access all of your preferred shooting presets in one location. To keep up with the action, switch modes as you're moving.

No need for WiFi

Edit more quickly on your phone while avoiding WiFi transfers that drain your camera's battery. To save files to the SD card inside the ONE RS, just plug in the Quick Reader. Then, plug your phone in to begin editing.

Insta360 App

Accessible editing tools that are effective. With auto editing tools and templates, you can let AI handle the work, or you can focus on your edit using a variety of human controls.

What's In The Box?

1 x ONE RS Core
1 x 4K Boost Lens
1 x ONE RS Battery
1 x ONE RS Mounting Kit
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Lens Cloth


  • 6K Widescreen Mode
  • 48MP Photos
  • 5.7K 360 Lens
  • 5.3K 1-Inch Lens
  • Razor Sharp Action


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