BetaFPV Pavo35 Cinewhoop - O3 Bundle


SKU: 01010037_1 ELRS 2.4G_O3BUNDLE

Material Code: 01010037_1 ELRS 2.4G_O3BUNDLE

Brand: BetaFPV

  • 12 mins flight time*
  • Built-in XT60 connector
  • O3 Compatible
  • PLEASE NOTE: O3 Air Unit Included, But NOT Installed!
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BetaFPV Pavo35 Cinewhoop - O3 Bundle

It has the same amount of power as a 5" quad, with a trust-to-weight ratio of 9:4:1. With 12 minutes of flight time, the driver can fly and get the most footage in one go. 

Compared to aluminium columns, the new Y-shaped CNC metal support structure can make the machine stronger, less likely to twist, and less likely to vibrate. This lets it respond faster and more easily.

The rocket engine-inspired duct design makes the Pavo35 more stable on its sides and adds 400g of thrust compared to when it didn't have a propeller guard. This gives it more power and a better flying feel.
The whoop duct is riveted and put together, and the new look and design idea makes it easier to install and makes the structure stronger. 

It has great mounting options and works perfectly with normal action cameras like the GoPro 12, the DJI Action 4, and the Insta One R. It also supports DJI O3, Walksnail, and HD VTX installations.

The F722 35A AIO Brushless Flight Controller has a F722 chip on it, which gives it great performance and a high processing speed of up to 128k PWM frequency. The COB light strip assembly can be turned on and off wirelessly, so pilots can enjoy flying in any setting.


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