Insta360 ONE RS Twin

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Brand: Insta360

  • 6K Widescreen Mode
  • 48MP Photos
  • Razor Sharp Action
  • Rugged and Waterproof
  • Powerful Editing Suite

Insta360 ONE RS Twin

The all-in-one action cam


Transparent Selfie Stick. Avoid ruining the view with an unattractive selfie stick! For unbelievable drone-like footage, the Invisible Selfie Stick completely vanishes from your images when you use the 360 Lens. Magic!

3rd-person perspective Doing something amazing, but no one is nearby to assist you in taking the shot? With the Invisible Selfie Stick, you can capture bizarre third-person perspectives. People will undoubtedly inquire "how did you film that?!"

Stabilisation of the flow state. Regardless of the lens you use, image stabilisation is buttery smooth. With the wide-angle lenses, the powerful RS Core now offers FlowState stabilisation in-camera. Without editing.

Vertical Lock. No matter how far you tilt your camera, you'll always get perfectly level shots. 360° horizon levelling is supported by all three lenses.

HDR in action. a cutting-edge new HDR video option for competitive sports. The 4K Boost Lens's Active HDR preserves details in the highlights and shadows for more vivid footage while stabilising your video as you move.

Waterproof to 16ft


Without fear, submerge your action camera up to 16 feet (5 metres) under water.


Rugged Design



Even at the height of the action, a dependable connection between the mods is made possible by high performance connectors and a distinctive structural design.


Faster, easier, better


Faster WiFi. Transfer and edit your files faster in the Insta360 app, thanks to all-new hardware in the Core.

Right away zoom. Without having to set up your shot in preparation, digitally zoom in up to 2.7x on a topic while you are recording.

Fast Menu. With only a tap, you may quickly access all of your preferred shooting presets. To keep up with the action, switch between modes as needed.


Heat Dissipating Design


Your action camera will stay cooler with the mounting bracket, allowing you to film for longer.


Windproof Mic Cover


A special windproof foam cover helps block strong winds and prevents unwanted noise in your videos.


More than an action cam


Streaming live. With the 360 Lens, you can share your experiences as you have them. Reframe to take control of the angle, or use 360° live streaming to really engross your audience.

Webcam. Connect any of the lenses to your computer for ultra-wide, high-resolution video calls whether you're working from home or the office.





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