The RoboMaster S1



Low latency High Definition FPV

Hands on learning

Powerful CPU

46 customizable components

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RoboMaster S1

The RoboMaster S1 is an all-new way of learning. Inspired by DJI’s annual RoboMaster robotics competition, this innovative educational robot is designed to help every learner reach their full potential. Through compelling gameplay modes and intelligent features, the RoboMaster S1 gives users a complex understanding of science, programming, and physics. 

Key Features

  • Inspired by robotics competition
  • Low Latency FPV
  • Python & Scratch Coding Compatible  
  • Exciting Battle Modes
  • Extremely Programmable

The RoboMaster S1 uses a powerful CPU that can support cutting-edge features such as programming development, low-latency high definition image feed and AI computing.

The S1 comes with Mecanum wheels. This allows omnidirectional movement due to the 12 rollers. The suspension on the front axles suspension allows for freer movement during operation. 

What’s In The Box?

  • Chassis Front Armor x1
  • Mecanum Wheel Mounting Plate x1
  • Mecanum Wheel Damping Ring x4
  • Mecanum Wheel Roller x48
  • Grease x1
  • Bottled Gel Beads x1
  • Screwdriver Handle x1
  • M3508I Brushless Motor and ESC x4
  • Motor Mounting Plate x4
  • Screw Box x1
  • Motion Controller x1
  • Safety Goggles x1
  • X-Shaped Front Shaft Cover x1
  • Cable Retainer x1
  • Intelligent Battery Charger x1
  • Intelligent Battery x1
  • AC Power Cable x1
  • Left-Threaded Inner Hub x2
  • Left-Threaded Outer Hub x2
  • Right-Threaded Outer Hub x2
  • Damping Ring Bracket x4
  • Chassis Cabin Cover x1
  • Masking Tape x1
  • Vision Marker x7
  • Chassis Cover x1
  • Chassis Middle Frame x1
  • Intelligent Controller x1
  • Front Axle Cover x1 
  • Front Axle Module Base x1
  • Gimbal x1
  • Camera x1
  • Blaster x1
  • Gel Bead Container x1
  • Speaker x1
  • Hit Detector x4
  • Camera Cable x1
  • Data Cables (35cm) x1 
  • Data Cables (23cm) x2
  • Data Cables (12cm) x4
  • Chassis Rear Armor x1
  • Chassis Left Armor x1
  • Chassis Right Armor x1


  • Low latency High Definition FPV
  • Hands on learning
  • Powerful CPU
  • 46 customizable components

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