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Hasselblad Camera

1 inch CMOS Sensor

31 Minute flight time

Includes standard controller

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro For Sale

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro, is ideal for perfecting aerial photography.

With an excellent quality Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, signature 3-Axis Stabilised Gimbal and compact style type, this portable technology will elevate your content quality in more ways than one. 

With the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology, this drone will enable you to capture 20-megapixel aerial shots in high definition colour detail. In addition, the 1-inch CMOS sensor features an active-sensing area 4x more affective than any of the other Mavic 2 series drones. This large sensor area also improves performance in low-light environments with a more extensive ISO range of 12800.

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro supports a 10-bit Dlog-M colour profile yielding a dynamic range of 1 billion colour profiles, as opposed to the 16 million colours yielded from a normal 8-bit colour coding technology. Now you can capture the subtlest gradations at sunset or sunrise, leaving greater space for post-production.

Made easy to use, the Mavic 2 Pro intelligent shooting modes make creative aerial photography more accessible to users at all skill-levels.

With a 4K, 10-bit HDR video capability and Hyperlapse, the Mavic 2 Pro seamlessly process RAW and JPEG content, saving time for effective post production. Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing increases in-flight safety
with obstacle sensors on all sides of the aircraft.

With an adjustable aperture this drone delivers outstanding image quality in high and low-light environments. DJI advice for shooting apertures in light variations are as follows; shooting in low light, set the aperture to f/2.8 to allow more light in and to capture bright and clear photos. When shooting in well-lit environments, set the aperture to f/11 to lower the shutter speed and make your videos smoother.

What are you waiting for? Shoot content like a Pro with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Essential Stats: 

  • Hasselblad Camera
  • 1 inch CMOS Sensor
  • 31 Minute flight time
  • Includes standard controller


In the box:

  • 1 x Mavic 2 Pro Aircraft
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x Mavic 2 Battery
  • 3 x Propellers (Pairs)
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 2 x RC Control Stick
  • 1 x RC Cable (Lightning)
  • 1 x RC Cable (USB-C)
  • 1 x RC Cable (Micro USB)
  • 1 x Gimbal Protector
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Type C
  • 1 x USB Adapter
  • 1 x RC Cable Slider (Large)
  • 1 x RC Cable Slider (Small)

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  • Hasselblad Camera
  • 1 inch CMOS Sensor
  • 31 Minute flight time
  • Includes standard controller

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