Pix4D Software

Professional photogrammetry and drone mapping software is called Pix4D.

It provides a distinctive set of drone mapping software. The Pix4D app allows you to take pictures, edit them on a computer or on the cloud, and produce 3D models and maps.

The only software for drone mapping and photogrammetry that combines a flight app, desktop platform, and cloud platform is Pix4D.

A Swiss software startup called PIX4D focuses on photogrammetry. One of the authorised PIX4D resellers is Drone Safe Store. Call us at 01243 859444 if you want additional details.


PIX4Dmapper Software Desktop Perpetual License


Bridge the gap between photogrammetry and CAD

Use point clouds and pictures together to extract important information from photogrammetry, laser scanning, or LiDAR data. Survey walls, catenary curves, building footprints, curbs and more. When you vectorize from point clouds and check in photos, you can work 50% faster, and the Smart Grid can create spot elevations with a fraction of the clicks. 


Software for photogrammetry for expert drone mapping solutions.

Any camera or drone can be used to take thermal, RGB, or multispectral photos and import them into PIX4Dmapper. 

The photogrammetry algorithms in PIX4Dmapper convert your aerial or ground photographs into digital maps and 3D models.

Utilise PIX4D's photogrammetry software to seamlessly process your projects on your desktop, or pair it with PIX4Dcloud for online processing.

PIX4Dmapper Software Desktop Perpetual License
PIX4Dmapper Software Desktop Perpetual License


An online platform for drone mapping, progress tracking, and site documentation.

Utilise photogrammetry techniques to automatically process your photographs in the cloud so that you can produce quantifiable deliverables.
Create orthomosaics, 3D meshes, point clouds, and elevation models that are precise and georeferenced.


Next-generation photogrammetry software for professional drone and terrestrial mapping.

Without the hassle of splitting and merging, PIX4Dmatic handles hundreds of photos while retaining survey-grade accuracy and cutting processing time in half.

Designed in close cooperation with surveyors and mapping experts to simplify your workflow: import, process, and evaluate project quality in a few simple steps.

PIX4Dmapper Software Desktop Perpetual License
PIX4Dmapper Software Desktop Perpetual License

Authorised PIX4D Reseller

Drone Safe Store (Consumer & Enterprise) is an official PIX4D Reseller based in the U.K. For information about PIX4D please get in touch with us or browse through our website where you will find all the information you need on PIX4D.



PIX4D is a unique suite of photogrammetry software for drone mapping, surveying, 3D modelling and more. It alllows you to capture images, and process on desktop or cloud to create maps and 3D models.

Drone Safe Store is the place to buy PIX4D. We are an official PIX4D software reseller with industry knowledge like no one else.

You receive results that are survey-grade thanks to PIX4D. Thanks to photogrammetric analysis, it enables sub-centimeter precision.