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Xvive is committed to offering affordable, trustworthy, high-quality equipment to producers, engineers, and filmmakers. Products made by Xvive are easy to use. They appreciate helping creators with technical challenges so they may concentrate on their work! In other words, if you create music or videos, we're doing everything we can to make your life easier.

Xvive was founded in 2014 (as Xvive Audio) by Fischer Mao and Nancy Lee, a husband and wife partnership. Fischer's goal at the time was to create a cutting-edge analogue delay pedal. He was persuaded to bring back the venerable MN3005 bucket brigade chip by Howard Davis (creator of the famed Deluxe Memory Man). Unfortunately, this element, which had been at the core of several outstanding delay pedals, was no longer being produced.

With their debut item, the MN3005, Xvive Audio made that right. Soon after, Xvive and German guitarist Thomas Blug collaborated to release a range of effect pedals. These included Davis's W3 Memory Analog Delay, which featured the brand-new MN3005 chip.

With the U2 Guitar Wireless System, Xvive entered the wireless market in 2016. This helped the brand become a big success on a global scale and made Xvive one of the top wireless companies in the world. It also cleared the way for other wireless systems created for in-ear monitors, MIDI, microphones (U3), and audio for video (U4) (U5).

With a staff that is dispersed over the globe, Xvive goods are made in Shenzhen to the highest levels of quality control. CEO Gil Soucy has experience in the MI sector who resides in the Boston region, close to the company's US headquarters and fulfilment centre, and who has held executive positions with companies including US Music and Behringer, among others. Peter Murray, a former employee of Markbass, Pigtronix, and Supro, leads the marketing team from Toronto. The innovative product designers of Xvive are from Europe, North America, Asia, and other places. Xvive is the owner of numerous wireless technology patents. Since the company's manufacture is so well-regarded, several prestigious American music equipment firms have hired them to produce goods.

Xvive products are used by musicians and other types of producers all around the world. They are used by professionals due of their high sound quality, durability, and usability. But as a result of creative engineering, we can keep our prices low and make our products available to everyone.