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Xvive is dedicated to providing artists, producers, engineers, and filmmakers with high-quality, dependable, and cheap gear. Xvive create products that are simple to use. They enjoy resolving technical issues for creators so they can focus on their work! In other words, if you generate music or videos, we're working hard to make it easier for you.

Xvive was started in 2014 (as Xvive Audio) by the husband-and-wife team of Nancy Lee and Fischer Mao. At that time, Fischer wanted to produce a state-of-the-art analog delay pedal. Howard Davis (designer of the legendary Deluxe Memory Man) convinced him to resurrect the classic MN3005 bucket brigade chip. This component had been at the heart of many great delay pedals, but unfortunately was no longer in production. Xvive Audio fixed that with their first product: the MN3005. Soon after, Xvive introduced a line of effect pedals in collaboration with German guitarist Thomas Blug. These included the W3 Memory Analog Delay—designed by Davis and including the new MN3005 chip.

In 2016, Xvive entered the wireless market with the U2 Guitar Wireless System. This became a huge international hit for the brand, and established Xvive as one of the world leaders of wireless. It also paved the way for other wireless systems, designed for microphones (U3), in-ear monitors (U4), MIDI (MD1) and audio for video (U5).

Xvive products are manufactured to top-quality control standards in Shenzhen, with a team that is spread out around the world. CEO Gil Soucy is an MI industry veteran who has held executive positions with US Music and Behringer, among others—he lives in the Boston area, close to the brand’s US headquarters and fulfillment center. Peter Murray, who has worked for Supro, Pigtronix and Markbass, guides the marketing team from Toronto. Xvive’s cutting-edge product designers hail from Europe, North America, Asia and beyond. Xvive holds several patents related to wireless technology. The company’s manufacturing is so highly respected that several top American music gear brands contract them to make products.

Musicians and other types of creators in literally every corner of the globe use Xvive products. Professionals use them because of their sound quality, dependability and ease-of-use. But clever engineering keeps our costs low, and lets us make our products accessible to all. Although our product range extends beyond wireless technology, we really enjoy liberating musicians to play and perform without cables!