Satechi - Where productivity, meets style

is an industry leader because they were one of the first consumer electronic brands to design and carry Type-C products. Satechi manufactures and delivers useful and stylish accessories to people worldwide.

Satechi has evolved as a brand with their product line growing to meet the needs of their customers. They now offer award-winning Type-C hubs & adapters as well as charging accessories, computer peripherals and smart home products.

Satechi offer products with top notch functionality as well as style to suit the products they are designed to be used with.

They use premium materials meaning they can be highly functional without sacrificing style.

All products have been designed with convenience in mind, for products that look great and make life better.

Satechi are built to last also, meaning they come with a year of warranty to ease your mind! Satechi are also designed to complement Apple products and accessories with sleek aluminium finishes.