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Drone Safe Store is an official U.K DJI Retailer stocking all DJI Products, however, we also offer more services than just DJI Drones. We also offer many services/subscriptions which would be beneficial to drone operators. These include Operations Manual Update & Renewal Service, Hobbyist & Professional Membership, Drone Training, and Flight Experiences. 

Drone Safe Store was set up by Drone Safe Register, winners on BBC's Dragon's Den.

We offer these services as they are essential for drone operators who are looking to benefit their businesses with our services. We offer all the help you need to take off your drone business.

Drone Safe Register Professional Membership

DSR Membership gives you access to a highly professional closed network group. It gives you a profile showcased on our Drone Operator Map, with links to your social media and website with the services that you offer. While doing this you will get a backlink from our powerful drone network site with over 230,000 backlinks boosting your website's SEO.

• Many white-labeled job opportunities

• Transparent statistics of leads & views of profile

• Gain jobs via instant quotes

Drone Safe Register Hobbyist Membership

Our Drone Safe Register Hobbyist Membership is made to offer a foundation for those who are passionate about drones and want to operate at a hobby level. 

What’s Included in a DSR Hobby Membership?

• DSR ID Card

• Exclusive discounts from the DSR Store

• Invite to our closed group

• Discounted A2CofC training

• DSR aircraft operator ID Stickers

To find out more about Drone Safe Register and our service please ring us on 01243 882440 to discuss how we can benefit your drone business.

At Drone Safe Store we are more than just a DJI Retailer