Where do you buy XVIVE Microphones?

Where do you buy XVIVE Microphones?

Who are Xvive?

Xvive is a US-based audio-focused company for DSLR cameras. Xvive mainly focuses on high-quality lavalier microphones. Xvive as a company is focused on making amazing sounding affordable and reliable gear for anyone who uses audio. They design products that are easy to use and solve problems for creators.

Who Xvive products are aimed at?

Xvive Products are aimed at professionals who use DSLR or video cameras so that they can have an excellent quality lavalier microphone at a reasonable price. Specifically, Xvive would be aimed at anyone who relies on audio with videos such as an interviewer or vlogger.

Why would Xvive products be useful for Drone Operators?

Drone Operators are often a multi-talented group of people who don’t just do aerial filming they usually do ground filming as well and make content with the footage they get. This footage would then be made into a video which would most likely include audio of people talking. This would mean that you want a high-quality microphone so that the audio in the video is very good.

What products does Xvive make?

Xvive U5T2 Wireless Audio For Video System - The Xvive U5T2 is the perfect wireless audio system when using a DSLR. This Wireless lapel microphone system comes with 2 transmitters and 2 lavalier microphones. With the 2 channel design that it has, you can send the audio from both lavalier microphones to any device that accepts audio.  The U5T2 system offers a huge range of up to 100 feet so that the users can move freely. The wireless microphone is great for vlogs, tutorials, interviews and much more. Additionally, the U5T2 Wireless audio system comes with up to 5 hours of battery life so you can use your mic for a long time without worrying about charging.

Xvive U5C Battery Charging Kit - The Xvive U5C Battery charging station comes with a battery case and three Xvive lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries are for the U5 Audio system and can all be charged at once in the case in 2 hours.

Xvive LV1 Lavalier Microphone - The Xvive LV1 Lavalier Microphone is a wearable microphone for the Xvive U5T2 and U5 systems. The LV1 Microphone has a 3.5mm jack plug and is essential for Xvive Products.

Xvive U5T Transmitter Only - The Xvive U5T Transmitter is to be used on the U5 wireless audio system and is a wireless bodypack. The Transmitter has a battery life of up to 5 hours and features an OLED screen.

Xvive U5 Wireless Audio For Video System - The Xvive U5 Wireless audio for video system is a 1 lavalier audio system for DSLR/Video cameras. This system compared to the U5T2 only can transmit one audio as it only has one audio transmitter.

Why should you use XVIVE products?

You should use XVIVE Products because they are highly regarded in the industry as seen by XVIVE having contracts to make gear for top American music companies. XVIVE’s main aim is to “Work hard to make what you do easier” which shows they are committed to making innovative good products to make creators lives easier.