Open Box Offers on DJI Products

Open Box Offers on DJI Products

What does open box mean?

Here at Drone Safe Store, we offer DJI Open-box deals on selected DJI products that have been used for filming or display purposes. These products have not been activated and although they are open boxes they are in a “new” condition.

Why should you buy an open box Drone Safe Store Combo?

Open-box products at Drone Safe Store have been listed for a big discount compared to brand new DJI products. As stated before, our open-box deals are only used for display or filming for socials.

Have open box products been activated?

All of our open-box deals have not been activated as they have either been used for display or for filming on social media. 

Have open box products been flown?

Our open box offers at drone safe store have never been flown as they have only been used for display in our office/store.

Do open box products have a warranty?

All of our products that are sold as open box will have the same warranty as all of our DJI products that are sold. As an official DJI retailer, we offer DJI’s 12-month warranty on all new DJI purchases.

Where do you find cheap DJI product deals?

At drone safe store we sell a select range of discounted DJI products that we have opened for display or filming/picture purposes.