New Mini 3 Pro and DJI RC Firmware Update (26/10/2022)

New Mini 3 Pro and DJI RC Firmware Update (26/10/2022)

What’s New?

Added support for MasterShots in portrait mode - Mastershots recognises the scene using cutting-edge AI and plans the flight path appropriately. MasterShots will deliver expert-level results whether you are recording a landscape, a famous structure, or even just yourself. Previously you could only use MasterShots in landscape mode but you can now use it in portrait mode.

Added shutter priority and ISO priority for the camera in Pro mode. - In some circumstances, you may want to differ from the parameters that the automated mode suggests. This is not to say that their principles are flawed in any way. The automated mode functions as it should, but it just cannot read your mind. In Shutter Priority mode you can adjust the shutter speed accordingly to the situation you’re in and it will automatically work out the correct ISO level for the best light exposure levels. This also works the other way around. 

Added support for adjusting style parameters such as sharpness and noise reduction. - You can now adjust the sharpness and noise reduction in the DJI FLY app. This means you can now get the desired effect you were after. This doesn’t mean the standard sharpness and noise settings are wrong it just means you can tailor it to your specific needs.

Added support for using a wide-angle lens. - You can now use a wide-angle lens with no issues. Unfortunately the DJI Mini 3 Pro Wide Angle Lens didn’t come to the UK.

Added support for FAA's Remote ID requirements in the United States.

DJI RC V01.02.0000

Added support to use the DJI RC with the DJI Air 2S

DJI RC Now Supports FlyShare. - FlyShare Allows users users to transfer files from the remote controller to a mobile device. FlyShare requires DJI Fly V1.7.8 or later

Fixed Minor Bugs.

DJI’s Notes

When the firmware update is complete, the Remote ID function cannot be disabled, and DJI Fly v1.7.8 or later is required to fly the aircraft in the United States.

Other added features also require DJI Fly v1.7.8 or later.

If the update fails, restart the aircraft, remote controller, and DJI Fly or DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series), and retry.

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