DJI's New Headquarters

DJI's New Headquarters

Groundbreaking Headquarters

DJI’s new headquarters has just opened in Shenzhen China which is dubbed the “Community in the sky” 

Foster + Partners, a renowned architectural firm, created Sky City, a notable and "sustainable" new landmark in Shenzhen, China, with two towers that are each 44 and 40 floors high.

In the last few years, which saw DJI grow from a fledgling drone company into one of the most well-known names in filmmaking, both on the ground and in the air, DJI claims that these two new towers will bring together the DJI employees in the region who were previously dispersed among several Shenzhen buildings. The business claims that the 200-meter-tall pair of towers is an example of how DJI has developed from a start-up in flying technology to a leader in global innovation.

The company's office and R&D facilities are placed in floating cubes that are, according to DJI, cantilevered from central cores by massive mega trusses that, when viewed from a distance, create the impression that they are buildings dangling in the air. These Images are from DJI.

A 90-meter-long suspension bridge that connects the two towers is situated 105 metres above the ground, more than halfway up the building.

“It took us six years to build the new DJI Headquarters, which is the result of the wisdom and determination of DJI and our valued partners. We see Sky City as a product unlike any we’ve ever made: our real home,” said DJI Founder and CEO Frank Wang. “At the beginning of a new era for DJI, we pay great attention to the growth and well-being of every employee. This starts with a work environment that is both practical and delightful. I hope that Sky City will inspire all of us to work together and scale new heights of progress, wisdom, and possibilities to develop solutions that benefit society.”